The 6th Fleet Sets Sail

From his vantage point on the forecastle of the RSV Vordgot’s Wrath Admiral von Kesseldorn allowed himself an evil grin. Before him were the frigates of the Green Dragon Squadron, and behind him on the starboard side was the other battleship under his command. All around these capital ships were the corvettes that served as the first line of defense, arrayed not only on the same plane as the heavier warships but also above and below them. As this formidable force made its way through wildspace from its point of origin at the Slothjemian colony on Waldenfelsen it was preceded and followed by even smaller scout vessels known as “Dowarbys.” Altogether von Kesseldorn had two battleships, four frigates, ten corvettes, and ten scouts. What he didn’t have that every other squadron did were auxiliary vessels to provide support for his fleet on long journeys through wildspace.

The reason for this seemingly overlooked detail was that the 6th Fleet wasn’t going to spend a lot of time in wildspace. It’s base of operations was going to be decidedly more terrestrial than the other spelljammers of the Slothjemian Navy. It was something that the late King Manfriedreich IV had wanted to do, and his daughter Queen Reichsha had worked hard to make a reality. But it took something larger than this small realm of outcasts and goblinoids to bring to fruition. The elves of the High Elven Imperial Fleet had to be convinced that letting a single nation on a planet like Domum possess a significant military advantage over everyone else by allowing them to use spelljammers for use against non-spelljamming enemies wouldn’t prove to be detrimental to the balance of power. This balance wasn’t just on Domum, though. Having a single dominating power would cause Domum itself to be an imbalance in the overall scheme of things.

There wasn’t anything that could have been said to convince the elves to see things differently. Spelljamming wasn’t a tool for evening earthbound scores. This rule had existed for untold millennia. What could happen though was that the elves of Domum might themselves feel a threat so big that using all of the tools at their disposal was the only way to prevent one mounting evil from overwhelming them all. That included spelljammers. Not just to haul goods and armies quickly from one place to another, but unleashing military power hitherto unexperienced on Domum. Having reached this conclusion on their own, the elves quickly realized they didn’t themselves have enough forces in the wildspace around Domum to make a difference.

However, they did have one dependable spelljamming ally on Domum. In the eastern portion of the continent of Partum sat the small but militant realm of Slothjemia. They had helped the elves many times in support of their wildspace battles against the neogi and more recently the illithid. Now they were in an ideal situation to help the elves with a new fight. Reluctantly the High Elven Imperial Fleet had approached the Slothjemians with an offer the goblinoids had been quietly preparing for over the last fifty years. Why yes, they replied. We can help you with this enterprise.

Now the newly commissioned 6th Fleet was winging its way down towards Domum. Admiral von Kesseldorn continued grinning. His enemies wouldn’t know what had hit them.