Rule of Tincture? Never heard of her….


Heraldry in Slothjemia is a very basic, yet colorful affair. There are so many knights and nobles, and from so many homelands, that a code to simplify the many coats of arms was set out to keep things orderly. The notched shield is the hallmark of all Slothjemian heraldic devices, and there are a number of guidelines governing how many emblems can be included on the shield of arms. Only rarely are the shields of arms further adorned, the Imperial Coat of Arms (as shown) being one such example.

One important factor that is missing from Slothjemian heraldry is the rule of tincture, that pesky “those colors don’t belong together” attitude that civilized nations seem to love. Goblinoids dislike being told that colors on their flags, coats of arms, clothing, and bedspreads don’t look right. Such a belief is likely to get a person punched in the gullet once expressed. If an orog is proudly showing off his mustard yellow and fluorescent green waistcoat with a flaming red cummerbund, the sensible thing to do is nod in enthusiastic agreement and throw up at a later time. And if the same orog has killed a wyrm and now wants a hot pink dragon on his mottled blue and orange shield of arms, then by golly, you let him. Of all of the rights granted to Slothjemians, none is more highly cherished than the right to clash.

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