Palaces and Castles

The royal family of Slothjemia is different from other such dynasties in many regards, but one is more visibly significant than others. Whereas the Emperor of Geldenreich owns dozens of palatial residences and private castles, the Empress of Slothjemia owns exactly two; the small ancestral fortified manor house called “Boardûm Keep” near the village of Lost Fen, and the royal residence within Jordrakenschloss. Neither of these can in any way be considered opulent by any standard, and by some estimations they might even be deemed Spartan.

Slothjemia sits in a rather volatile portion of the continent, a bulwark between powerful nations that would love to get at each other. This means that luxury must take a backseat to defensibility, and the realm supports a number of impressive fortifications in strategic locations. With armies garrisoned inside, they form an effective deterrent to enemy incursions. The cost of maintaining these outposts pales in comparison to the cost of maintaining even one of the larger palatial getaways of the Emperor of Geldenreich, but as the former king of Slothjemia, Beoreich I, once said; “Our walls allow everyone north of them to sleep easier.”

The most well-known castles of Slothjemia are Vorkelburg, The Gate, Northwaldmark, the dwarven citadel of Kernschloss, and the fortified port city of Reichstanta.