How to be Sorcerous

Casual observers might think that Slothjemia is overrun with skilled and powerful mages. This isn’t necessarily true, but there are more spellcasters in the general population than one might find in several neighboring countries. There are a number of reasons for this, but the primary one is that Slothjemia attracts adventurers, and when they finish questing they often decide to settle in where they can still surround themselves with wierdos. Retired mages attract acolytes, and without a social stigma attached to magic use, more folks are willing to try their hand at sorcery.

So popular is the study of magical arts that Slothjemia has two institutes devoted to advanced training. The oldest is the College of Arcane Sciences, in the town of Lost Fen. The larger school is the Royal Slothjemian University of Magicks, located in the capital. This is the only place in the country where a student can explore the otherwise forbidden school of necromancy, and even then, only in the most carefully controlled manner. Law enforcement uses magic, and so does the military, and with as much attention as is paid to spellcasting throughout the realm, illicit use of such power is quickly rooted out. But with so many ways to use magic to earn a living in Slothjemia, magic is a great way to make money and expand a person’s social status.

None of this pertains to psionicists, though. Those freaks are just goofy.

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