I Didn’t Sign Up for This…

For everyone enjoying the primary story featured on this blog, “An Orc for All Seasons”, you will be thrilled to know that book two just needs some minor editing before we begin to post, and book three is very nearly complete as of today. Book four is still in the planning stage, but it is beginning to take form.

If, however, you are finding this story difficult to follow or engage with, you are probably disappointed to learn that this is going to be a four book series. On the plus side, it means I am not on Facebook posting endless cat pictures and pithy political humor, so embrace that if you must seek out a silver lining.

The other stories posted here, such as “Slothenburg Confidential”, are more of a stand-alone kind of tale. While interconnected to a degree, they don’t require prior knowledge from any preceding work to be found thoroughly objectionable, boring, off-putting, sleep-inducing, or curiously disturbing.

To recap: We are only about halfway through the first of four books.

In totally unrelated news, I am branching out into freelance anti-depressant sales. Watch for links to my pharmaceutical marketplace. Bulk orders get a 3% discount!

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