How About That Thigpen?

Todays chapter concludes “Slothenburg Confidential”, and now we come to the question that only the author wants to ask; would you like more stories about Thigpen and his exploits, or was that quite enough of his half-orcish shenanigans? Comments welcome, as always. It might be awhile before we get around to writing a second book about the good constable, but if anyone is interested in another round, we’re buying.

On a happier note, after soliciting submissions for cover art to accompany the book “An Orc for All Seasons” we are very, terribly, and gleefully proud to announce our choice. This fine sketch will grace our online submission to campaign for “An Orc for All Seasons” to become an actual E-Book or whatever the heck they call these things nowadays. To everyone that submitted their artwork, we thank you. Submissions not used this time around could very well find themselves back in play for subsequent writings.

Dragon vs Ship