Lord High Provost: Keeper of the Condemned

A rather unsavory job, and with limited political power, the Lord High Provost monitors and maintains the prisons of the realm, and has full authority over those sentenced to perform hard labor. The crown jewel of this office is the magnificent prison of Totenhelm that sits in Jagger Lake. Although this is the most secure place to house criminals in Slothjemia, there are a number of smaller jails scattered about. Each Grafdom has at least one such facility, governed by at least a High Provost. It must be noted that no prisoner falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Provost until they have been convicted of a criminal offense, and duly sentenced by the courts or the Crown. All constabulary operate small jails within their areas of operation, but those are not designed for long-term incarcerations, nor are they especially suitable for extremely dangerous guests.

The forced labor battalions that are encountered all across the realm are overseen by the Lord High Provost, and it is in this that they wield some measure of political influence. Local nobility will often opt to pay a reduced fee for prison labor on projects rather than hire professionals. Requests must meet rigorous standards, however, and there are strict guidelines about using such labor for anything other than public use. Having a labor battalion repair a bridge that runs through your barony on a public road is fine. Having them dredge out your personal catfish pond is unacceptable. Where there might be some grey area of doubt is where the Lord High Provost can make friends, or pester opponents.

There is one other area of influence that is unique to the Office of the Provost. They can be petitioned by concerned parties to grant early release to prisoners, or even recommend that they be pardoned altogether. This decision is up to the Crown to decide in finality, but having the Lord High Provost advocating for a prisoner is often a strong signal that such clemency has a chance of seeing fruition.