Lord Ambassador; Keeper of the Peace

The job implies plenty of travel abroad, but the reality is that the Lord Ambassador is most frequently in the capital conducting business. Subordinates in the Office of Diplomacy are rarely home, however. Ambassadors and High Ambassadors are assigned to live, work, and if necessary, die in the capitals of neighboring powers, where they act on behalf of the Empress for matters both mundane and epic. In an age of magical communications, they are in near constant contact with the Crown, and the ruler of Slothjemia is thereby aware of many things taking place in the world around them.

The power of the Lord Ambassador isn’t evident in domestic affairs. But for merchants and nobles that have business in foreign lands, they often have few people in the Royal Bureaucratic Council that they can count on to assist them should things get rough. One of the most powerful assets that the Lord Ambassador has is in the subordinate Office of Exterior Investigations. This relatively small institution does a fine job of not being noticed, at home and in far-flung lands. Combining the investigative skills of the Interior Investigators with the lethality of the military, the operatives of this office go where even adventurers fear to tread. Often they work with adventurers, seemingly as a part of their quest, all the while focused on some other mission that coincides with the goals of their companions. While not necessarily evil, Exterior Investigators are certainly not paladins, or even clerics. While they can be trusted to do what the Crown needs done, depending on them for anything beyond that is probably going to lead to disappointment.

The Lord Ambassador is not an easy job. Slothjemia has always been surrounded by hostile neighbors, and even the more neutrally-inclined adjoining states are not eager to see the goblinoids flourish. It is a constant struggle to keep peace among these powers, and it isn’t made any easier by the fact that many of those powers have an axe to grind against each other. To put it another way, the Lord Ambassador has to be a very skillful dancer.