Lord Revenuer; Lackey of the Lord High Chancellor

Easily a contender for the least popular person in Slothjemia, the Lord Revenuer is the person within the Office of the Chancellery that keeps fastidious records of who owes how much in taxes. In addition to this nifty job description, whoever holds this sub-office is forbidden by law to own any real estate whatsoever. To put it even more simply, nobody likes them and they have to rent.

However, the Lord Revenuer is not without their influence or their friends. They are not on the Bureaucratic Council, and yet they are frequently within the Crown’s inner circle, having both their ear and their counsel. They are held to the highest standards, and as a consequence, they tend to be viewed as haughty by their peers.

Of course, nobody would ever suggest this to them in person, unless they wanted to see their tax bill magically increase by %12.