That Doesn’t Sound Like a Real Job

There is one career that just hasn’t managed to get a foothold in Slothjemia, and that is because there just isn’t any call for their services within the realm. Bounty hunters are a vital part of keeping law and order in nations all around the continent, but in Slothjemia they just aren’t needed. People arrive in Slothjemia oftentimes to escape bounty hunters in other lands, but once across the border in the domain of the jors, only the most foolhardy of bounty hunters would ever dare to continue their pursuit. Criminals fleeing the judicial reach of foreign powers might be welcomed by the Slothjemian authorities, but the people chasing them are met with violence and, as one might expect, a burial in somebody’s cow pasture.

Within Slothjemia, there are plenty of Urban and Rural Constables trained to run down and track fleeing criminals who are trying to escape Slothjemian authorities. But this work is not farmed out to civilians, or “private contractors.” There is a thriving trade in private detectives, but they are not the type of inspectors to engage in cross-country chases of desperate people. They might do some tracking of people for reasons other than law enforcement, such as finding a missing spouse or errant employee. But when it comes to hunting those wanted by the law, the powers that be disapprove of meddling interference.

But you might be wondering, “What about criminals that flee Slothjemia for other countries?” Oh, those people are well and truly doomed. They might make it to someplace else, but they certainly won’t be welcomed. Their own criminals are bad enough, anyone fleeing Slothjemian justice must REALLY be the bottom of the barrel. Such refugees find themselves in much the same predicament as the foreign bounty hunters that enter Slothjemia; run down to the ground, hacked into many colorful pieces, and buried in a cow pasture.

It should be noted that cattle ranchers all across the region are very dangerous people.