Travelling in Style

Unlike most countries, Slothjemia is a place filled with travelers. Even in places like Geldenreich, the common folk rarely venture far from the places they were born, and only the wealthy venture a week’s journey from home, and even then, it is rare. But in Slothjemia, folks born to the lowest level of society wander about from city to city for work, adventure, or just to start over. The roads of the realm are always busy, and it is here that everyone has a chance to meet and mingle, whether pauper or prince. You might even run into the Queen.

Of course, the Queen doesn’t travel like most people do. Over the course of her lengthy reign, she has been spotted with as few as five people while travelling about the countryside, and as many as three thousand, when she is accompanied by the Phantom Legion (her personal army of bodyguards), the Royal Bureaucratic Council, and her closest friends. Suffice to say, there is a great deal of range in these options, and how the Queen travels will tell you a great deal about the purpose of her trip.

Whenever she goes anyplace with seemingly everyone in the capital, this signals that she is on an official, long-term trip. In order to keep the realm running smoothly, anyone that needs to speak to her on a daily basis must go along with her. For instance, if Reichsha wanted to attend a function in New Vilhelmia, at the capital of that Grafdom, it would be a couple weeks worth of journeying to and from Jordrakenschloss, and that is too long to be away without anyone minding the ship of state. Ergo, everyone goes to New Vilhelmia, and runs the show from there.

However, if the Queen is spotted with only a handful of retainers, and a few bodyguards, then her trip is not only brief but also, in all likelihood, secretive. In such a scenario she often makes these trips under the guise of a Countess, and nobody in her party will address her as anything else to maintain the deception. She might be incognito for a number of reasons, but usually it is to maintain her privacy while she deals with issues of a more personal nature, such as chastising a noble without raising a stink in the capital that jeopardizes her influence, or the noble in question. As quickly as she is to anger, the Empress nonetheless knows the importance of discretion, if for no other reason than to keep her own reputation floating well above the fray of petty squabbles.

It is worth noting that there are a number of ways that the monarch of Slothjemia will never utilize when traveling. Magical portals or gates are too unpredictable, and her advisors always counsel against such measures, regardless of how fast and efficient such transportation can be. Similarly, travel via dragon riding is deemed far too dangerous, and while she might be found on a spelljammer, you can be assured that whoever is at the helm will be of the utmost reliability. Very little is left to chance, and when one considers that everything in life seems to hinge on the roll of a dice, this is an impressive feat, indeed.