Lord Warden; Keeper of the Flora & Fauna

The enemy of poachers, and bane to illegal logging operations throughout the realm, the Lord Warden has the enviable duty of spending inordinate amounts of time in the wilderness. Overseeing two offices in the Royal Bureaucratic Council, both Forestry and Hunting, the Lord Warden makes sure that there is plentiful game to be had year-round as well as keeping the forests of the empire sustainable. Slothjemia uses an almost insane amount of lumber each year, primarily for infrastructure projects such as the causeways in the swamp, the docks and decking of Slothenburg, and general construction. Since developing a navy, there has been an increased demand for timber, and there has always been a market for wood used in crafting polearms, bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts. Maintaining the resources for these things is a never-ending challenge that is rarely, if ever, appreciated.

More noticeable is the governance of hunting, fishing, and trapping in the kingdom. In the olden days, huntsmen could kill whatever they liked, and in whatever abundance they chose. Today, though, things have to be watched more carefully. More and more the food for the empire is grown and harvested on farms and ranches, and people rely less and less on the old ways of hunting and gathering. Those that do live according to the traditional ways have to arrange for permits from the Crown via the offices of the Lord Warden. This is especially important when it comes to the big game; monsters like vordgots and the great catfish of the murky fens. As important as these critters are to the traditions of the Coreland, they cannot be overhunted so that nobody has access to them. To this end the wardens are rarely seen as the good guys, but in preventing poaching and overhunting, they insure that people will always have the chance to engage in a vordgot hunt. Who doesn’t look forward to being chased through a swamp, pursued by a twenty-foot tall demon lizard, its mouth filled with fangs as it charges faster than a horse galloping, mauling everyone and everything in its path with a ferocity normally reserved for cyclones? Good times.