The Wicked Pixie

In the capital of Slothjemia, the towering fortified city of Jordrakenschloss, there are literally thousands of people working for the Royal Bureaucratic Council. If you have been reading this blog, you know that the heads of various departments, or offices, within this council are powerful individuals. But there are always those in the lower ranks that become famous, or infamous, in their own right.

Melarnee is one such person. There are, perhaps not surprisingly, extremely few fairie folk in Slothjemia’s Coreland, and even fewer that can be found in the cities of this mostly goblinoid realm. But Melarnee is not your average pixie. She has found a way to combine her mischevious nature with a job that requires her unique abilities as a pixie. Melarnee is a member of the Imperial Valets, the office dedicated to making sure that everyone working in the capital has everything they need to do their jobs. And for a small, winged bundle of energy like Melarnee, this is the perfect career.

Her reputation as being “downright wicked” stems from the fact that Melarnee delights in delivering unwanted information, or even better, actual packages. Need sonebody to take a huge file of disorganized papers to some hapless clerk to be sorted? Melarnee will do it. Need someone to inform a member of the staff that they need to perform an unsavory task? Melarnee will leap at that chance. With a grin that can only be described as sinister, she spreads misery with malicious glee everywhere in the capital.

That isn’t to say she always escapes unscathed from her ambushes filled with unpleasant duties for other people. Larger creatures often swat at her, and more than once she has had her wings singed by retaliatory magicks. Laughing at her victims in a mocking tone, Melarnee can be heard sarcastically shouting out “I’m only doing my job!”, or an insincere “I’m sorry!” with a drawn out “eeeee” at the end, while she flutters out of harm’s way.

In a place like Slothjemia, though, it should be no shock that Melarnee has some staunch, and powerful, supporters. The Dowager Countess, the Queen’s beloved mother, positively adores Melarnee, as did her late husband, King Manfriedreich IV. The more powerful members of the Royal Bureaucratic Council appreciate her wicked sense of humor, if only because they are immune to her missives. But the lower you are on the totem pole, the more you dread the sound of those cursed pixie wings.

And if there is a light knock on your door, and it sounds like a boisterous little girl is outside calling out in a sing-song voice, “PIXIEGRAM!!”, it is advised you remain very quiet, and hide under your desk.