Slothjemian Army Units; Part 1

Boasting the only professional, full-time military anywhere in the continent, Slothjemia has a very different way of designating it’s army units than does anyone else. In virtually every other nation, military matters are handled by raising armies from conscripted peasants or hired freemen, led by knights and other nobles. This is not the setup in Slothjemia, though. Their armies might be smaller, but they benefit from being well-trained and equipped, and most importantly, formed into effective units for combat, travel, and supply.

A Slothjemian field or garrison army will number between six and eight smaller units, ranging in size from Battalions (led by a Major or Lieutenant Colonel), on up to Brigades (led by a Brigadier General). There are a number of rules in how these units are manned, and it begins at the squad level within each type. For example, infantry have ten soldiers per squad, heavy and medium cavalry have five soldiers per squad, and light cavalry have twenty per squad, and artillery designate one gunnery crew (however many people that might require) as being a squad. The breakdown looks something like this:

Squad = Sergeant

Platoon = Lieutenant

Company = Captain

Battalion = Major or Lieutenant Colonel

Regiment = Colonel

Brigade = Brigadier General

Army = General

Should multiple armies need to be deployed together in a campaign, they are overseen by a Field Marshal. Field Marshals in Slothjemia are temporary positions, granted to Generals for the duration of a battle or campaign by either the Lord High Marshal or the Herzgraf. Once the campaign is concluded, the Field Marshal goes back to being a General, although they might be referred to as “Marshal” as a sign of respect, should their campaign have been successful. If it wasn’t a success, they are just as likely to wince at the term.