Something Ain’t Right About Him…

In the small, fortified city of Summit Village, there is a person quite unique in the realm. Often referred to as the “Red Devil” or the “Sprocket King”, his name is actually Charlier Tasanova. Hailing from this same town as his ancestors, Charlier is handily the most cheerful dwarf one could ever hope to encounter. The grandmaster of mechanical design, he was one of the primary engineers that helped create the first golemotives, setting in motion an industrial revolution in Slothjemia, and allowing for some of the most interesting, useful, and powerful devices to be unleashed upon the world.

Married to a gnome, Charlier is everything a dwarf shouldn’t be. Lively, engaging, and friendly to a fault, the cheerful redheaded mechanic with a knack for profanity will set aside anything on his workbench in order to assist a stranger. He loves his ales, and has a tendency to hug people rather than shake their hands, but nobody has ever accused Charlier of being difficult to work with. The closest thing to an insult that can ever be leveled at him, is that he is far too gnomish in his behavior. According to his wife, however, this isn’t a drawback in the least.

Adventurers that need advice on disarming mechanical traps, or want to study on how to create such hazards, will do well to seek out Charlier in Summit Village. He rarely travels, and when he does, it is to test out one or another of his creations. He has been known to be willing to make short trips to work on broken golems of virtually any description, but your best bet is to bring the problem to him at the Tasanova Gearworks & Foundry. Lately he has branched out into smelting materials for use in highly delicate magical items, such as throwing axes that return to their wielder in combat. While not able to enchant the items himself, the quality of the work he does allows them to be blessed or magically imbued with remarkable ease. Just be prepared for a hug.

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