Watch that First Lich, it’s a Doozy

When Manfriedreich I was first given his noble title, and placed in charge of a small county in the swamps of the Coreland, it was done under the auspices of the once powerful Diosian Lodge. This collection of insidious undead warlords needed somebody that could help shore up the waning influence of a particularly wicked, and inept, lich that went by the fearsome title of “The Eternal Fog of Damnation.” His real name, though, was Delbert. And he was an insufferable twit when he was alive, becoming a straight-up jackass after centuries of undeath.

Ostensibly the direct authority over Count Manfriedreich von Slothjem, old Delbert ran afoul of his vassal almost immediately just by being a meddlesome boob. No sooner had the young, inexperienced Count begun work on his fortified home, Boardûm Keep, but the insipid lich began to prey upon the people under the care and protection of the swamp orc noble. Without asking the Diosian Lodge for permission, Manfriedreich went right ahead and attacked the lich head-on. It was not a lengthy campaign, but it was certainly decisive. About the only secret weapon in Delbert’s arsenal was unnaturally long arms, and this proved ineffective against a two-handed sword wielded by an oversized, and fully enraged, swamp orc. After killing the lich, and smashing it’s phylactery, Manfriedreich emerged as a hero to his people, and a threat to the Diosian Lodge. After rallying even more of the Coreland natives to his banner, the rise of the jors, and consequent decline of the liches, became inevitable.

So, if you are ever faced with a jorish adversary, learn the lesson of this relationship. Strive to be more “The Eternal Fog of Damnation” and less Delbert. Because Delbert didn’t do well.