Lord Prosecutor; Keeper of the Accusations

Under criminal law in Slothjemia, there is three-tiered system by which the accused are brought to justice; Constabulary/Investigators, Prosecutor, and Magistrate. If the accused is fortunate enough to have the resources to retain their own legal counsel, then that gets thrown into the mix, as well. But if they can’t, then they must face the withering accusations levied by the Lord Prosecutor’s Office all by their lonesome. Well versed in the law, and thriving on the grand stage upon which they perform their oratory, prosecutors are among the most bombastic individuals in the realm. And none are more vocal, and more persuasive, than the Lord Prosecutor.

Once an investigation has run its course, and the constabulary (or some other law enforcement) have determined an arrest is warranted, they will turn their case over to the Lord Prosecutor’s Office. It is then assigned to an attorney, who will craft an argument in favor of whatever punishment they decide to seek, and then present it in court to persuade a magistrate to rule in their favor. It is, admittedly, a terribly lop-sided system, and only the wealthiest and most prestigious can have any hope of escaping punishment, or at least of having the punishment lessened. Note that prosecutors never, or very rarely, work with constabulary during the investigative phase of any case. The Slothjemian system is for the constable to decide what laws have been broken, the prosecutor then argues for this before a judge, and the judge then decides on the final punishment. Of course, the prosecutor may opt to discharge a case rather than pursue it in court, and the magistrate might decide no rules were actually broken to begin with, and toss the whole thing out. It is blatantly unfair, but it is simple, and goblinoids love simplicity.

When it comes to the military, things are even more lopsided. They do not have prosecutors at all. Instead, the lead investigators from the office of the Inspector General will do both of the jobs of the constabulary and prosecutors in the civilian criminal court system. This keeps things streamlined, and helps to keep costs down. No point in hiring a lawyer, when you can get a well-trained halberdier who craves the spotlight for half the cost.

It should be noted that criminal cases rarely take long to decide in Slothjemia. Even the most complex cases can be wrapped up in a week, and easier ones can be knocked out in a couple of hours. This is good, though, when you consider how many citizens of this fair nation are really just horrible, awful people.