The Enduring Allure of Slothjemia

There is something wonderful about the notion of Slothjemia. There have been a few people that have played campaigns in Slothjemia that have compared it (favorably, I would hope) to America, but that analogy isn’t entirely accurate or deserved. But it is a place in which folks that are cast out of otherwise decent countries, can find a place to call home. Slothjemia is the living embodiment of a person that has been kicked around until they just can’t take it anymore, and then they go get a knife, and things get all stabby. Most everyone can identify with this feeling, especially people that are drawn to playing D&D. We don’t fit in at the best of times, so finding solace in other folks that are every bit as awkward as we are, can be delightfully soothing.

And that is where things become wonderful. Amidst all of our dysfunctions and idiosyncrasies, there is almost always an undercurrent of insight and imagination to be discovered and savored. I say almost always, because some people are really just glorified potted plants when it comes to gaming. They sit there stoic and unemotional, uncertain what to do with their dice, unable to follow the storyline, and wondering to themselves if there might be an episode of “Big Bang Theory” on TBS that they are missing. They add nothing to the experience, but just between you and me, it is a lot of fun to do horrible things to them in the game. My favorite thing to do is run them afoul of some horrific monster they have no earthly chance of surviving, but give them a glimmer of hope before I slam the door shut on them and announce that I need more eight-sided dice for the impending breath weapon attack.

Back to what I was saying about wonderful nerds. This weekend I will be GMing for the first time in years, with a group of people that have never played before. This should be rich grounds for future stories. It will also be a great time to try and not wet my pants while laughing hysterically.  I make no promises. But stay tuned, if anything interesting happens, I will keep you posted.