Last night marked the first time that I played D&D with a group of people since my beloved daughter took a crack at the game many years ago. Surprising to some, the adventure is not being set in Slothjemia. I know, it is like having a Star Wars movie with nobody wasting half of the film on Tatooine, but bear with me. Three of the players in the game are brand new to the concept of this type of social interaction, and keeping it simple is the first step in keeping people engaged. Anyone that has ever tried to play D&D has probably been overwhelmed with the sheer amount of whacko rules, seemingly random percentages, and sexy, pretty dice to have found their first time enjoyable. Slothjemia takes all of that, and ramps it up to eleven. It is not where first time gamers go to play. It is where veteran players end up, because just about everyone wants to take a crack at being a bugbear.

So, here is what I discovered about my new adventuring buddies. The quietest one in the group is the deadliest. The bravest one is “Captain Wheezer” because he got whacked in the chest with a morningstar, and had a couple of ribs broken. The one I thought for sure would be some kind of dwarven berserker turns out to have an archery fetish, and is likely to spend a lot of time looking for lost arrows. And the one fellow that has played the most chose the most complicated multi-class character, because gosh darn it, why not? It looks like a standard mix of elves, humans, and half elves, but something tells me this group is going to grow. I also don’t need to supply an endless barrage of supporting NPC’s to keep everyone alive. As long as they have the quiet one, they are going to be just fine.

I might, however, be too old for staying up past midnight playing games. I slept until well past noon today. But it isn’t a school night, and I don’t have a paper due today, so I have done pretty well since college. Rolling twenties, baby. Like a boss.