A Brief History of the 2nd Army

The Slothjemian 2nd Army is one of the oldest military units in the empire, and has had a long and storied career of keeping the realm safe, and reaching out to inflict pain on their foes. Garrisoned at the old and infamous castle “The Gate”, a humongous man-made bulwark against invasion into the Coreland via the southern end of the River Jorillon where it passes through the mountains and flows across the Craiovan plains. Filled with veterans, it has taken part in many wars and battles over the years. It was first put into action during the early battles against the elves that roamed about the forested alps of the Coreland. Later, it was a major factor in deterring the Great Torkan invasion, and while The Gate was breached, the 2nd Army fell back into the swamps and continued fighting, holding the foe off long enough for more Slothjemian forces to be thrown into action. These deeds and more have earned the 2nd Army a place of honor amongst the many actions of Slothjemia’s military.

Their next big campaign was in the invasion of Craiovia, where the 2nd Army took the lead as Slothjemia slashed southward from The Gate, and then to the east until they reached the coast. While other military units took part in this war, it was the 2nd Army that set the blistering pace of action, so frenzied and brutal that everyone else was struggling to keep up.

Most recently, the 2nd Army helped push the Romillians back after their attempt to invade the Coreland from the east. While the 1st and 6th armies had done the job of keeping the invaders out, it fell upon the 2nd and 8th armies, along with the Black Guards and Red Guards, to counter-attack the Romillians and punish them for their trespass. This they did, and with excellent results. Unfortunately, the 2nd Army found themselves tied down in the captured Romillian lands until they could be released from duty by the new Governor-General of Romilmark. Accustomed to storming across enemy territory, it was an unwelcome change of pace to have to play policeman. But this is how things go. You don’t always get to knock down walls and blow up buildings. Sometimes you have to do some reconstruction. It might not be glorious, but it makes it easier to move forward afterward.