A Brief History of the 8th Army

The first permanent garrison for a Slothjemian wildspace colony, the 8th Army is stationed in Waldenfelsen. Tasked with preventing hostile forces from attacking the colony, and for keeping the laborers there from being harassed by the perils of the heavily forested moon, the 8th Army is the only Slothjemian military unit assigned to spelljamming activities that isn’t considered part of the navy. However, for them to travel away from Waldenfelsen requires the cooperation of the navy, a fact they reluctantly accept.

Created under the chaotically expansive reign of Manfriedreich IV, the 8th Army was part of his grand design to carve vast niches of wildspace into Slothjemian bastions. What he actually accomplished, however, was finding new and violent ways to infuriate strange and terrifying cultures that up until that point were doing just fine without more goblinoids and their allies mucking about in their business. No amount of positive spin can be made to the grand wildspace misadventure, except that a rather surprising alliance was formed with the elves of wildspace. Slothjemia found themselves at war with the Neogi, the wildspace Illithids, and even the goblinoid races that call the sprawling wastelands of the galaxy home. To this end, the Slothjemian Navy became a sort of mercenary force extension of the Imperial Elven Fleet, and although they only proved useful in one tremendous battle, there was only the one chance at glory before Manfriedreich stepped down as monarch, and handed power over to his much more capable daughter.

While the spelljamming arm of the Navy is nothing compared to the wildly optimistic blueprint of it’s creator, it is sufficient to maintain a handful of colonial holdings on the planets of this solar system. The largest, of course, is Waldenfelsen, and while the 8th Army has had little fighting experience there, they proved more than capable of bashing the Romillians during the recent war, once they were transported back to the Coreland. Probably the most enduring legacy of the 8th Army is the phrase, “well, that didn’t go as planned… but it worked.”