A Brief History of the Red Guard

The Slothjemian Army has three different armies designated as Guards, and they are titled after the colors in the Slothjemian flag. The most battle-hardened of these are the Red Guards, and their reputation is well earned and firmly established. Since their formation, the Red Guards have seen action in every war Slothjemia has been in, and they have never faltered or been defeated. Boasting the most individual and unit decorations for valor and merit, the Red Guard represents the finest qualities that the Slothjemian Army treasures.

Founded by the Herzgraf shortly after he took control of all things military, the Red Guards were designed to be the Empire’s rapid response to any threats on it’s sovereignty. It was the first army to be assigned mounted infantry to emphasize mobility and ease of deployment. It has it’s own dragon riders, too, making the Red Guards a fearsome force even when committed to battle by themselves. About the only thing they lack is a place to call home. They bivouac wherever they are called upon to be, and when not actively engaged in maneuvers, they call the Royal Induction Camp their base of operations. Unlike other armies that are assigned garrisons to defend and operate from, the Red Guards are all about being available to smack heads together. In fact, it isn’t unusual for the individual units to be in different places from each other, something quite uncommon with other armies.

The Romillian War was probably the greatest use of the Red Guards to date. From recapturing Summit Village, destroying the fortress of Stormburg, and the last, dramatic action that caused the Romillians to surrender, the destruction of the Hukermansch Dam, the Red Guards were in the thick of it all. They hardly needed the boost to their collective egos, but everyone loves to win. More importantly, everyone loves a winner. And the Red Guard is the most winning game in town.