Thundersticks & Blunderbuss

Firearms are not common in Domum, the world in which Slothjemia resides, but they do pop up from time to time in the most interesting places. Some nations have sizeable amounts of the devastating weapons, which even in the most primitive forms, pose the potential for great damage to enemies and operators alike. Slothjemia has been very reluctant to embrace the technology, at least for most purposes. The Imperial Navy has been the most eager to experiment with the possibilities, and usually in the context of their spelljamming forces. Romillians have had soldiers equipped with firearms for generations, potentially among the first in the world to have embraced the technology (certainly the first in this part of the world, at any rate), with grenadiers sporting blunderbusses and hussars toting short-barreled muskets for use on horseback. Folks are slow to change, though, when what they know to work keeps on working, especially in something new has the potential of blowing your eyebrows off.

Geldenreich has a large number of professional troops trained to use the arquebus, and these intrepid fellows have done much to dissuade the hordes of mounted savages that routinely sweep in from the eastern steppes. In private use, though, firearms are strictly regulated within Geldenreich, due largely to their ability to be used against the Empire and it’s officials with very little expertise involved. In some of the Wenigzustand, there are rumors of gnomish inventions that improve on a firearm’s accuracy, and even to the randomness of their misfires. Such tales are generally believed to be fantastic to the point of being mere fairy tales, but there are hunters that stalk the forests of the Wenigzustand that swear by these innovations. If true, then these are dangerous folk, to be sure.

Fanolania has it’s own cadre of elite soldiers that bear firearms as their primary weapon, and they are sworn to serve the King, owing no other allegiance to any noble or even the Church. These so-called “musketeers” are also well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, and in small squads they serve to rally larger formations, much like the Romillian grenadiers. These are probably the most renown of such troops, their reputations going far and wide to friend and foe alike. Battle with these men should not be entered into lightly, because after the shooting starts, things can get real stabby, real quick. The only person with more courage than a musketeer, who must use a weapon designed to explode within inches of his face, is the hapless target that risks getting hit by either a nearly unstoppable musket ball, or run through with a sabre. These are not the options most people favor, and the King of Fanolania depends on most people opting to not engage his musketeers at all than face the choices that they offer.