Let the Rewrites Commence!

Having given up Facebook recently, I find that I have a good deal more time on my hands for the things that still don’t matter, and yet seem more important because my primary distraction has been eliminated. Rather than spend countless hours browsing pictures of other people’s vacations, watching their romances flourish and wither, and sharing endless memes about how much everything sucks, I can devote more time to my game planning and blog articles. This is not good news for anyone.

Last night I began by going back and tidying up the first three chapters of “An Orc for All Seasons”, my first major literary achievement in a genre that has visibly deteriorated for my having waddled into it. Not much is changing, just doing some comma removals and adding chapter numbers in the actual title such as I have been doing with “The Governor-General’s Oath.” I am also justifying the paragraphs so that they are more pleasing to the eye. Without Facebook to hover over this has suddenly become important. Criminy, just think how much would get done if I wasn’t on Twitter.