Book Three is on the Way!

For everyone just about sick to death of that old orc Grundoon, take heart. Although still a central character (and what a character he is, am I right?), it would be a mistake to think that the third book in this series is all about him. In fact, it is all about somebody else entirely. Somebody you have gotten to know in “The Governor-General’s Oath” so it isn’t as if you are having to adapt to focusing on an entirely new person. I’d love to see who you think it might be, but since the only person reading along at this point is a certain Kevin J.P. Ebsworth, this wouldn’t be much of a poll. Kevin, what do you say? Who in this current story do you think will be branching out to explore their own unique potential? As an aside, it is only fair to mention in passing that I do not know Kevin, but I appreciate his continuing “likes” every time a chapter posts here. That is terrifically encouraging. In your honor, good sir, I named a delightful henchman after you in the game I am currently running. Nobody even batted an eyelash when I introduced them to Kevin, the Red Slaad, which is a real shame because I thought that was a wonderfully curious name to give to a Red Slaad. Rest assured that Kevin achieved in short order a measure of fame for himself that most NPCs simply never accomplish, so wear that honor proudly.

As is typical, I seem to have gotten off track. Book two is slowly winding down, and I bet some of you have guessed the direction it is headed. This falls nicely in the “I sure hope he doesn’t” category of literature, unless you have incorrectly surmised the kind of person Grundoon is and what he is capable of. Nevertheless, I do hope you enjoy the final chapters of this book. I was astonished how long it ended up being, but then again, book four turned out to be quite short. Sometimes it is fun to draw out a story. But other times, especially when you get close to something resembling a conclusion, it is nice to just get it over with. Anyone that ever watched a Gamera movie knows exactly what I’m talking about. Enough with the confounded turtle. Yes, friend to all children. Cripes just end this already.