Game Called on Account of Life

Nothing is more frustrating than to have to put on hold a perfectly good D&D game because real life intrudes and insists upon itself. This week it is inventory, and in two weeks it will be inventory at another branch of our company. Neither of these is an acceptable reason for us to miss out on quality bullywug thumping. To quote one of our players, “People, we need to get our shit together. Other than the birth and death of our Lord and Savior, there is no reason to miss a game night.”

But there you have it. Tonight instead of tormenting my friends with yet another horrifying and unwelcome surprise I am forced to count widgets and gadgets until who-knows-when. This is what we call an epic fail. I feel as though I have just rolled a natural 1, and then the dice rolled under the couch and into a heating vent. The temptation to jump on the forklift and do something darkly memorable is all but overwhelming.

So next week we have a game. And I am going to make it a night to remember (for all of the wrong reasons). Killing a dragon creates one dilly of a power vacuum. I wonder who might step into that void and begin making life for the players miserable?

*Cue sinister laughter*