There is a First Time for Everything. And Eventually a Second.

Last night marked my first time as a player in Dungeons & Dragons for at least twenty years. It also marked the first time ever that one our group did the GMing, complete with coming up with his own unique world filled with custom-made villains. All told it was a raging success.

The newbie Game Master managed to keep everyone on track and somehow everyone managed to stay alive. The top dog enemy in this quest is quite the compelling opponent and it will be a fascinating endeavor to solve the riddles presented and perhaps knock him off of his pedestal. This should serve as a reminder to all players that being the GM is not unbearably tough. If you have a good story to tell, then get out there and tell it. Great players will be having a good time no matter who is hiding behind the screen.

And for Game Masters wary of stepping aside, don’t be. There is a liberating sense of freedom that comes from not having to keep track of what the dickens is going on. Plus you know exactly what to do to drive the new Game Master nuts. That is some fun right there. Nothing is more hysterical than flustering an otherwise confident person.

So get out there and play. If you have never led out in the game, step up and give the current Game Master a break. A little change can be a delight.