Tis the Season… to Write!

As my longsuffering workmates will doubtlessly confirm to their immense and growing delight, I am on vacation this week. And since I don’t have to plan a game for the foreseeable future that frees up considerable time to work on book five in the problematically titled “Grundoon Series.” Sadly it should also be noted that being on vacation means that I am also free to nap, watch Lon Chaney Jr. movies, play “Words With Friends” all but unceasingly, and get caught up in endless Google searches for images of kobolds. Let us just say there is a disturbing amount of creative talent out there in the world that is unreasonably focused on sketching small reptilian humanoids in various states of undress. I wouldn’t call it titillating, per se, but it will cause some awkwardness when the time comes to carve the Thanksgiving turkey. “You know what this looks like? A kobold on it’s back in a tanning bed.” Thanks for that, internet.

A much more enticing distraction is of course this blog. I check it every so often to see what people might be reading and interested in as well as to see what new countries might be popping up as representative of my readership. Just last week my daughter delved in here for the first time since going to school in Europe so I now can claim a reader in Germany. I can chide her for not doing so when she hopped into Austria, The Netherlands, and Belgium but the reality is I am just thrilled she is even able to visit these places. The last thing you should be doing is trying to log into the wifi at the McDonalds near the Brussels central station just so your dad can say, while imitating his step-father-in-law’s hilariously nasal voice, “Hey look honey, somebody is reading our blog in Belgium!” That is the last thing you should be concerned about doing. But you could still do it, just saying. It was an option. We can remember that for next time.

I have probably hidden away from my duties long enough. Time to post this bit of comedic gold that my adorable and highly talented child will never see and get back to book five. In any event I hope everyone out there has a safe and delicious Thanksgiving holiday. Let us be kind and loving one to another. And if you find a wifi spot feel free to like this entry and send us some feedback. Email us a kuchen. Or kooken. Whatever is fresh there.