Book Five Mostly Done for Now. Maybe.

There is an undeniable electricity in the air here at the headquarters of all things Slothjemian. With copious amounts of vacation and studious use of available free time during normal functioning hours, we are delighted to announce that we are probably done with writing and editing of book five. I realize there is maybe nobody out there that even knows what book five is even about but nonetheless this is horribly exciting news. Ideas are now swirling for what might be done about book six. That is how it is here. Always with the writing. If you finish a project, then be thinking about the next one. Kick some ideas around, and get that son of an arquebus out there. Write, confound you, WRITE!

So this is where we are now. There will be some time devoted to appreciating that we have finished a project and then it is right back at it. Or, write back at it. Because things are a touch punchy around here today.