Clues Hidden in Plain Sight

The hallmark of any failed blog is when you post pertinent information therein and literally nobody in your circle of influence even notices. “I wonder why Chip is so depressed lately.” Might have something to do with the daily posts on his blog where he talks in gruesome detail about how utterly alone he feels and his desire to change his name to Lukas and move to Des Moines. Of course nobody ever reads his stupid blog, so when the day arrives when he eventually snaps, screams “MY NAME IS LUCAS!” and has all of his mail forwarded to Iowa it is going to come as a complete shock to everyone that claims (erroneously) to have known him.

Welcome to my world. I have a terrific bunch of people in my life and not a one of them regularly checks to see what I am writing about. I’ve mentioned this before. No, nothing has changed. Why? Because I mention it here and by Jove if this isn’t the last place anyone will ever check. I am constantly amused by people that wonder why certain miscreants and felons haven’t been apprehended before they act in a criminal fashion because after the fact the media and law enforcement are all over everything they ever wrote, posted, or liked on social media. But before that, when it could have made a difference? Yeah, no. Even their closest family members never bothered to look because if they were honest they would have to admit that the inner workings of this wretched person never interested them in the least. I could be posting all sorts of horrific things here, manifestos and whatnot, and the authorities would never have a clue until something wretched happened.

Don’t fret, I have no desire to do anything felonious. I do however post hints and clues here for the people in my game to stumble across and do you know what? Not a single one of them ever has. Not long ago I posted a lengthy little profile of an NPC that I thought would spice up the game a bit. Nobody in the group read the blog. When the NPC was introduced, a fight promptly broke out. One of the players was mildly injured and a wild hog was shot with an arrow. All of that would have been avoided if somebody had read this blog. But no.

So, I have decided to up the ante a bit. When I resume control as Game Master there will be a period of getting the players back in the groove and focused on the key elements of the story that they need to tackle. Once this is done, I am going to have one of their most prominent NPC allies murdered. The resulting mystery will take them months to sort out, partly because none of them will know it is coming and they will be powerless to prevent it. What do you think the odds are that they will have read this entry before that time and move to prevent the killing? Not good. I have better odds of somebody in Greenland stumbling into this blog looking for a good walrus blubber recipe.

On a side note, I am very into getting as many views from different places as I can for this blog. If anybody does know anyone in Greenland, or perhaps might be passing through Greenland on their way to… uh… Iceland perhaps…? Anyway, have them quickly check my blog so that I can collect the view. I have a lot of Africa to tag as well, but I’d like to finish off North America if I can to keep it tidy. So, Greenland. Much appreciated.