Book Six

The only thing worse for a writer than having no ideas is having too many ideas. I have a terrible habit of writing down story ideas both for gaming and writing and leaving them scattered about my home. I am trying to break myself of this habit by using cloud-based technology (what an age to be alive) to keep track of these things using my phone, tablet, work computer (don’t judge me), and in the near future, God willing, a smart watch. All of this to more easily and efficiently entertain myself and the one other person that is following this blog because of their deep interest in “Fight, Swear, Loathe”. I tried to ask her what I should write next, seeing as she is my only audience outside of the curious folk that pop in on random Google searches looking for Lord only knows what, but she isn’t answering Messenger at the moment. Therefore I have created a poll that my readers can access to help me focus my energy for what Book Six should be about.

Poll for Book Six

I have also spent a good share of today discovering all of the things I hate about WordPress’ new editor. I was compiling a list, but decided to go ahead and declare that it is all awful. Everything about it is horrible. If anyone from WordPress is reading this, and I know they aren’t because nobody is, then destroy all data pertaining to the new editor immediately. The old one works dandy, isn’t at all confusing for somebody as crunchy old as I am, and doesn’t crash my internet browser when I try to insert a link like the one above. If I had a cane handy I’d yell at WordPress to get off my lawn, that is how cranky their new editor makes me. Hooligans.

Take a moment please and hit that poll. Let me know what you think might be a good idea for Book Six. If nobody is going to read it, we might as well do it right.