Change is Inevitable, but this is Ridiculous!

After changing jobs and dealing with needing to move a couple of miles away in a month or so the D&D game I run has been on hiatus for the last month and a half. We had to move our game day and everything so that was a bit of upheaval. To top it all off the website that I have been using for a few years for everything related to the AD&D 2nd Edition Monstrous Compendium has suddenly and inexplicably dropped off the face of the earth. Adding insult to injury, so did the hosting site that had all of the AD&D 2nd Edition materials in PDF form and made it all available for free. I was luck enough to have downloaded everything well before that site went down (three cheers for anxious paranoia) but I was left without a viable resource for monsters.

Luckily for everyone who enjoys a good gaming campaign a quick Google search revealed that a new site has popped up with a goodly amount of the Monstrous Compendium entries already up. It isn’t the easiest site to maneuver but it at least has most of the critters there that I need in order to keep my game humming along. Which is good, because starting tomorrow afternoon my game picks back up again right where we left off. I haven’t been taking much of a break though. I am working on my latest book, and is it ever a doozy. You have no idea how much fun it is to write about a villain that has next to nothing to lose and everything to gain just by being a wicked jerk. All of this plays into the current game by way of the fact that it is a partial backstory for one of the primary villains that has done so much to make my player’s lives a living nightmare.

The book that is currently running on Mondays is beginning to wind down and that means a new book will be starting in a couple of months. It will continue the trend of being just a little bit different in tone and scope than what people might be expecting, but it will also follow along the story of some of these same beloved characters that nobody has expressed an interest in. So something to look forward to!