There is a Search Option…

One of the many delights that come along with running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign are the multitude of times that players try and figure out stuff about the Non-Player Characters they encounter and befriend in the game. The more that an NPC proves themself useful and key to making progress in the adventures the Player Characters are engaged in, the more questions the players might have about the NPC’s backstory. Or so you might think.

In the game I am currently running there is one particular NPC that has been featured in two stories published thus far in this blog. This individual has their very own book, too, set to begin posting immediately upon the conclussion of “An Applewood Gallows” so they aren’t just petty background noise. And yet the players haven’t done any real delving into this NPC’s history. One of the players did ask what they did before joining up with this merry band of lunatics, but there wasn’t any real follow-up. It could be that my players have too many things to try and keep track of. It could also be that I am the worst Game Master in the world. The truth is probably someplace inbetween those options.

But for the people wanting to know, this blog has a wonderful search option right there on the main page. Just enter in the name you are seeking (be sure of the spelling) and if that character has shown up in any of my missives it will show up toot sweet. Give it a go! What an age to be alive.

And if there are any other characters, minor or major, that you would like to know more about just drop us a note and we will gleefully scribble out something and post it here. We do so love a project.