Burggel the Goblinslayer

The Wenigzustand, or “little states” of the continent, are filled with adventurers and thrill seekers. One of the most prominent is a fierce warrior known all across the area for his tenacity and skill with a variety of weapons. Burggel the Goblinslayer has made a name for himself battling all manner of monsters but his early days slaughtering goblinoids is what earned him his nickname. More than mere orcs and ogres have fallen to his martial skills, though. Burggel has made enough money to buy almost any of the Wenigzustand outright if he would only stay in one place. As it is he has accumulated a fine and noble cadre of companions who are as loyal to Burggel as any mortal can be.

Burggel has recently been snooping about the recent battles and conflicts of Maelonbourg and Oublier. With his penchant for combatting monstrosities it could be assumed that he is looking for an ally to back him up in an attack on the orcs of Oublier. However the reborn realm of Maelonbourg is not without it’s own terrors; there is a drider lurking in the basement of an otherwise empty building in Resurrection (along with fifty or so dark elves), a lich has been seen repeatedly skulking about the countryside, and there is a mysterious fellow with a long black cloak and a tall black hat that might be Burggel’s next target. Or he might be out to get one of the other notable people that have settled into Resurrection. Until he makes a move one way or another it is anybody’s guess.

Burggel is probably human, but he is ridiculously well muscled and famously ugly so most people assume he is some sort of half-orc. He dresses for function and doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss about society and culture. He has succeeded in offending nobles of all ranks all across the continent and uses his own tremendous wealth to shrug off any threats made to “ruin him” as a sword-for-hire. It also has meant that Burggel hasn’t made any inroads towards securing a land grant for himself so that he can begin forming his own base of operations. Until then he is content with cheap inns and cheaper booze. Anything to stir up a fight, because Burggel loves to scrap.