Even the Orcs are Suing for Peace

Sometimes players can have such a dramatic impact on their gaming world that it immediately affects and disrupts all other activity in their immediate vicinty. Take for instance the group that is currently playing in my gaming world. Using their own skills, and cleverly utilizing both NPCs and even a rogue villain or two, they have retaken a small country that was being torn asunder by orcs and hobgoblins. The players arranged for the hobgoblins to give up the tussle and leave for parts unknown and then proceeded to give the orcs two thorough thrashings. All of this was dragged out over multiple games but it happened in about a month in game.

The ripples from these events are nit yet being felt, but rest assured they will be. What happened to the hobgoblins? Who has to deal with that now? Do you negotiate with the orcs when they come demanding an end to the thorough thrashings? Most of this was accomplished because the players had a sizeable army on loan from a now deceased Duke and a goodly amount of allies from a potentially friendly neighbor. Neither of those are on hand now. So what happens if the orcs or hobgoblins come back? Is this going to be a Spaghetti Western scenario where seven determined heroes fend off an army of thousands?

I can hardly wait to see how this turns out especially when three of the heroes are currently playing a frightfully realistic game of statue.