“I don’t care”

There has been of late an increased state of hysteria regarding the private lives of basically everyone. Whether you are straight, gay, open to all available options, male, female, deciding, or hybrid it feels as though everyone has an opinion about the choices you make and who you make them with. Let me take just a moment to reassure you that I don’t care.

That isn’t to say that I don’t support you, of course. Nor does it suggest that I won’t celebrate your happiness and mourn your sorrows. What it does mean is that whatever you are going through does not affect how I view you in the slightest. You are neither diminished or more valued for your beliefs and tribulations. I wouldn’t treat you any differently if you were dating opposite or same sex people, or if you wanted to be called by a gender neutral pronoun, or whatever. I don’t care. You be you and I’ll appreciate it for whoever you are wanting to be.

One of my oldest phrases that I still use on occasion is “I couldn’t possibly think less of you.” Some folks take this to mean that I won’t change my view of them adversely for the choices they make or the circumstances they find themselves in. Others that know me better will realize that I hold them in such utter contempt already that it isn’t humanly possible to loathe them any further. Either way you want to take it, know with certainty that whoever you are and whatever you do between consenting adults makes no difference to how I view you. The Good Lord made you and placed you in my life for a reason. I’m thankful for that. You are cherished and celebrated and always welcome.

Now get out. I’ve had enough interaction for today.