He Who Laughs Last… is Probably the Viceroy

There has been a sudden and violent update to the Diosian Lodge. This foul and unholy cabal of undead spellcasters suffered a tremendous blow today as the Troublemakers (that infamous group of adventurers from Fanolania, Geldenreich, and Slothjemia) managed to vanquish the Ash King. Considering that by most estimates the Ash King was the most powerful and prominent of the liches one can only wonder what the remaining members of the Lodge must be thinking.

We do know what one of those liches might be thinking, though. The Viceroy is delighted beyond anything he thought imaginable. After the fatal blow was landed on the Ash King it was revealed that the Viceroy had somehow been a presence all along right under the noses of the Troublemakers waiting for his chance to strike at his long-time oppressor. Over the centuries the Ash King (and indeed the rest of the Diosian Lodge as well) had humiliated and degraded the Viceroy time and time again. Anyone would have found this treatment intolerable and a monster as evil as the Viceroy was bound to scheme his way into some measure of dramatic revenge. This vengeance was thoroughly sated today as the Ash King was reduced to nothing more than a terrifying memory.

This change in the dynamic of the Sikilian Confederation and by extension the Diosian Lodge has yet to be fully felt. As secretive as the liches are in the best of times a crisis like this may take months to fully realize how they are going to adjust. One thing has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt; the Viceroy isn’t going to be pushed around any more. He has destroyed the palace of the King of Fanolania and now he managed to help strike down his former “superior.” What might the Green King have in store for his enemies now?