Suddenly Real Life Attacks! Roll for Initiative…

My last job as a furniture delivery man dried up thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic so I decided to find work in an industry where I could be considered “essential.” I’ve never been considered “essential” by anyone at any time so this sounded like it would be a nice change of pace. So I put in a few applications at places that I figured would always need somebody around; wineries, Home Depot, that sort of thing.

As luck would have it I did find a job. Smashed the interview yesterday and start work here in less than an hour. A real growth industry in these trying times, too. I’ll be working for a wholesale distributor of headstones and grave markers. If this isn’t the best time to get into this business I don’t know when would be. Only thing better is an urn manufacturer.

The point is I won’t be posting nearly as much. I have to save all of good ideas for the evening and probably first thing in the morning. There is still a ton of D&D stuff to do but seeing as none of that pays any of my bills I reckon that I shall succumb to demand and head back to the work force. I’ll let you know later how well that went.

It is huge rocks suitable for engraving. What could go wrong?