Continental Excursions: The Forkanzan City-States

The shattered remains of what was once the seat of the glorious and far flung Third Imperium, the Forkanzan peninsula is home to twenty city-states. These are mostly not single entities but rather collections of smaller communities that are bound together by geography and united noble families. All told there are actually over one hundred … Continue reading Continental Excursions: The Forkanzan City-States

Can You Hear Me Now?

One of the smaller scale magical items that can be found in my game world are the "Communication Crystals" or "Communication Globes" that facilitate speedy dialogue across great distances. While there are more powerful versions of these that might show up in nerd fiction or in the game here is how to manufacture the simplest … Continue reading Can You Hear Me Now?

The Council of Schönbrunn: A Closer Look at the Good Guys

Some three hundred odd years ago (and yes, they turned out to be very odd years indeed) a group of dedicated clergymen and paladins gathered together in a small chapel on the grounds of the Imperial Palace in Schönbrunn, the capital city of Geldenreich. These virtuous and determined men and women hailed from some of … Continue reading The Council of Schönbrunn: A Closer Look at the Good Guys