Spelljamming’s Prime Directive

When Slothjemia first ventured into wildspace under the reign of King Manfriedreich IV they made a startling discovery. Not only were they not the first spacefarers native to Domum, but they were thrust into a whole new realm of rules and regulations. These new parameters for how spelljamming vessels could be used had been in place for untold eons by the preeminent spelljamming power in the known spheres, the Elven Imperial Fleet.

Slothjemia entered into spelljamming in the worst possible way and at the worst possible time. Once the dust had settled the largely goblinoid nation had forged an understanding with the Elven Imperial Fleet. Slothjemia agreed to the terms and conditions imposed by the elves of wildspace and in return Slothjemia would become part of the alliance to keep rogue spelljamming elements from interfering with life on Domum. Far from being a one-sided arrangement it allowed Slothjemia to branch out and expand to include a few colonies on other worlds.

Among the rules that Slothjemia agreed to abide by and enforce is the prohibition of using spelljammer vessels in the atmosphere of Domum for military operations other than transport. This means that they cannot be used to attack groundling fortifications or armed formations, nor can they be used to attack water-borne vessels. There is a clause in the agreement to allow for defense, but there are strict guidelines that must be observed before even this is allowed.

One thing that is allowed is use of an unarmed spelljammer for use as simple transportation. This doesn’t mean that the passengers on board can’t be armed to the gills, but the vessel itself cannot have any form of offensive ability such as cannon, bombards, ballistae, catapults, or anything remotely resembling such weaponry. If such a vessel is caught behaving contrary to the rules it runs the risk of being immediately attacked by the Elven Imperial Fleet or any of its’ allies. This includes Slothjemia. It should be noted that there is always a chance that a patrolling spelljammer is around when something happens and will react accordingly.

The reasons for these strict rules and their brutal enforcement is simple. If spelljamming isn’t strictly regulated then it risks becoming a means by which wealthy groundling powers can pummel their enemies with impunity. This will result in power imbalances that will further jeopardize the stability of any world and that in turn leads to more spelljamming. More spelljammers means more threats to the peaceful balance maintained by the Elven Imperial Fleet. That makes it easier for wildspace powers such as the illithid, neogi, and others to begin wresting control from the elves in order to cause insurmountable damage to groundlings and spelljammers alike. This isn’t just theory, either. The elves have learned the hard way how quickly (even by elven standards) things can spiral out of control. They aren’t going to go through this a fourteenth time. No sir. Not again.