The Royal Squire Academy

Nestled in a multi-story building resembling an inn in the heart of Jordrakenschloss, the capital of Slothjemia, is the Royal Squire Academy. Specializing in the training of proper squires to serve as assistants to knights and nobles all over the Slothjemian Empire the Royal Squire Academy is the only such institution of its kind. Candidates to become squires must present themselves in person to be considered and must pass a number of tests to be considered. Applicants must be able to read and write, and will have to have some glimmer of magical ability to allow them to utilize the basic requirements of their eventual profession.

Once allowed to train to become a proper squire the candidates are given no less than two years training in such things as cooking, etiquette, bureaucracy, heraldry, minor magical studies, languages, healing and herbalism, and the proper care of weapons and armor. They also take courses in keeping accounts and dealing with various tradesmen that their lords and ladies might have need of. All along the way are tests to make sure the information is being retained and to sift out those that just aren’t measuring up to the high standards of the Royal Squire Academy.

The school does all of the work finding a suitable employer for the squires once they graduate. Anyone seeking to acquire a proper squire and doesn’t already have one in mind (such as a squire that recently lost their position due to the death of their lord or lady) will send a letter to the Royal Squire Academy detailing their particulars and outlining what sorts of parameters they wish their squire to fall within. Some want their squires to be a certain gender, or even race. The options for squires are of course limited but the school does its best to insure the right squire is chosen for the task at hand. At every turn the alignment of the squire and their prospective master or mistress is considered first and foremost. A proper squire is merely an extension of the person they serve and this must be paramount to the squire being able to serve effectively. It is a serious commitment and both parties must take it seriously in order for them to be an effective team. Their lives could depend on it so there is no room for error!