Whispers from the Void

In the depths of the earth as far removed from the daylight as anyone can ever get and in the great, mindboggling expanse of wildspace there is a common phenomenon that has been noted by scholars and explorers alike. Those that have ventured deep underground or into the vast nothingness of the multiverse have reported strange and unsettling thoughts. These thoughts are not their own, though. They sound like the projected ponderings of somebody else. As one sage puts it, these are the whispers from the void.

The nature of these so-called whispers might vary according to circumstance, but they are always disturbing. They might press upon a person’s fears, secret phobias, anxieties, or nervous discomfort. Most of the time the impressions that seem to be projected by entities unknown are merely disconcerting. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Certain people might prove to be more impressionable than others and under the influence of these foreign mental images they might react with violence towards others or themselves. Crews aboard spelljamming vessels have reported such incidents far from any recognizable source such as could be found on another vessel, planet, or even moon. Dwarves and deep-burrowing gnomes have also recorded identical incidents in the lowest portions of their mining complexes and subterranean cities. Why there would be such similar phenomena in such wildly diverse locales and yet never in between these extremes hasn’t been determined.

The reason that no connection has been made as yet is likely due to one over-riding factor; there are not many that have delved the deepest depths of the world and also ventured far into the immense expanse of the galaxy. Only those that accomplish both could ever begin to connect the dots and reveal the source of the elusive whispers from the void. And discovering that which brings this into focus would do little to ease the minds that suffer the barrage of psychic attacks in these isolated and, on their own merits, disturbing places. It is one thing to have one’s dreams and nightmares infiltrated by malicious forces. It is quite another to have somebody else’s nightmares thrust upon you, even in waking hours, and to suffer your mind being broken and torn asunder.