When Home isn’t an Option

This last Sunday we weren’t able to play at our normal venue, a.k.a. “The Fighter’s House” (formerly known as “The Ranger’s House” before he died so many times he lost enough Constitution points to only qualify as a fighter) and so we remaining few headed over to Clockwork Games & Events to see if they had any room. Now this is a hopping joint on the weekends (probably other times as well but I’m not here all that often) so I wasn’t sure that we could make this work. As it happens there is some sort of fantasy card game gathering in the main room, so that wasn’t an option. The mezzanine upstairs was booked by a bunch of Warhammer players, so that wasn’t an option. But lo and behold, they had this space that more closely resembled a dorm room that they rent for $10. Since we hadn’t planned anything and just showed up, they gave it to us for free. So here we are from far left clockwise around: paladin, cleric, druid, thief, and GM. Never been so glad to have to play at a different spot in all my life. Thanks, Clockwork!