What Were We Doing?

Way back in April the main storyline of our D&D campaign was thrown aside because a key player had to step away from the game to deal with some real-life issues. I had already been mulling over a second campaign idea involving pirates and nautical adventures, so we as a group pivoted to that and left the main story behind. Like many Game Masters before me there was an adjustment that had to be made as all new nonplayer characters had to be crafted and a new collection of villains to be unleashed. This new story has been working its way along quite nicely and now nobody remembers what the hell we were doing in the original campaign back in April. As luck would have it our prodigal player is set to return and so everyone needs a reminder of what happened the game before. So, here it is. The quick and easy response to the question every GM needs to ask, and hates being asked: What were we doing?

Duchess Seraphina had gone off on her own to deliver a hellhound puppy to Prince Bortimer of Slothjemia. That is where she currently is and will be until the end of the game month.

The Fellowship of Fiends had decided to enter the warped realm in order to go after Untote Druuna, the green dracolich that had been a vassal of the Viceroy. After dispatching her and collecting the Pearls of Githarm needed to restore the holy relics held by Duke Tubbicus they were set upon by a mysterious character in a bright white and crimson hooded robe and an alabaster face mask. With a single attack this figure destroyed Baron Chaverin, and the utterance of the word “Return” sent the rest of the Fellowship of Fiends present back to Maelonbourg except for Tragallia the night hag who vanished completely. To say that the pearls were acquired at a great cost is a tremendous understatement.

King Carl the Squat married Lady Vika after a whirlwind romance and now the Kingdom of Vlaanderen is a part of the growing Archduchy of Maelonbourg. After this grand event the Duke of Condamner casually mentioned the name “Betapsi” in the presence of multiple foreign rulers, and this caused the swift exit of the monarchs of Fanolania, Evelliene, and Sachsen.

One of the topics dominating the conversations among the nobles of Maelonbourg is the invitation from the Supreme Pontiff and Imperator of the Dominion for the Archduchy of Maelonbourg to join the Fourth Imperium in a crusade to assist the realm of Ybaria in pushing the Torkans out of western Partum. Fanolania has been invited to join as well and are keen to take part. The Herzgraf of Slothjemia has a scheme but has not yet had a chance to speak to Archduke Xan about it. However, one of the leaders in Maelonbourg, Duchess Esma of Forêt Verte, is in fact of Torkan descent and is strongly opposed to the Archduchy being supportive of the crusade. Clearly a decision will need to be made.

The underdark citadel of Canzeza was briefly under siege by dark elves but this was dealt with by the combined forces of the players and Jurgen Tarragon, a deep dragon. Another group of dark elves had made their way through to the surface in Chute de l’Ombre at the Barrows and were wiped out wholesale by minions of Marquis Devious Maximus and an army led by General Vishkin, the elderly orcish commander of Maelonbourg’s fledgling military.

There is also a pending issue with the land of Mort-Vivant. The various independent barons and warlords have shown a hesitation for joining Archduke Kovak’s coalition unless King Carl the Squat of Vlaanderen signed on. Carl has indeed signed on, so now what is to be done about Mort-Vivant?

And since then? Nothing. We froze the game. That’s what we were doing.