Don Durk of Dowdee

Among the many seafaring rogues of the Forzarrean Sea few have the universally admired status of Don Durk of Dowdee. While men such as Captain Sabre use their reputations to strike fear in others in order to force them into submission, Don Durk merrily gallivants about the ocean like a seafaring version of Robin Hood. While certainly a thieving pirate who would find himself on the wrong end of a noose in a hundred different jurisdictions Don Durk is also a wager of war against those he views as being oppressive abusers of power.

The ship that Don Durk commands is a small caravel named the Silver Hydra which typically operates from the heavily fortified city of Drepane, although the Silver Hydra and its crew can sometimes be found in the port of Manfredonia. It has been rumored that there are numerous bards among Durk’s crew which might explain their overall jovial behavior. The Silver Hydra doesn’t attack randomly, either. Don Durk selects his prey with extreme caution and makes sure that vessels targeted by his crew are operated by only the wealthiest and most arrogant nobles or merchants.

Don Durk of Dowdee is also known as being a flashy warrior of notable skill who isn’t afraid to turn tail and flee if necessary. The Silver Hydra will always run from military vessels if challenged, and any ship flying the flag of the Dread Admiral is given a wide berth. Anytime there is a gathering of pirates, people can always expect to find Don Durk of Dowdee and festive crew of ne’er-do-wells. It is rumored that Don Durk has powerful friends and allies and that he might himself be more interesting than he appears to be, which is really saying something because Don Durk is hilariously fascinating even on the surface.