Nerds Have Feelings Too

Being a nerd, or having a tendency to engage in nerdy behavior or enjoy nerdy entertainment, is far more commonplace now than it has ever been. Shows like “Stranger Things” and “The Big Bang Theory” have gone a long way towards mainstreaming Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek and Star Wars fans, and other nerdish endeavors. Plus the popularity of the “Harry Potter” franchise and even the ridiculous amount of DC and Marvel film and television products have made being a nerd more appetizing to a wider and more diverse population.

And yet there are those among us that continue to be dicks towards nerds. Typically nerds are their own worst enemies when it comes to social interaction among those that are not strictly of our ilk, and yet this doesn’t fully explain the harshness of the reactions we nerds often face. Sometimes, and for reasons not fully understood, nerds have an overwhelming desire to share a joke, insight, or memory that is completely nerdy. When this occurs, and pay attention non-nerds, your reaction should never be:

“Are you fucking kidding me??!?! What the hell??”

Being a nerd and having impulses to share that which delights us does not make us immune to cruelty. If we value you, then we want to share our nerdiness with you. If you do not value us, then we’ll happily share with somebody else. Eventually we’ll stop sharing with you altogether because you just can’t be nice. And that’s a damn shame. Because nerds have the best dice, and you don’t have any dice. Someday you are going to want to play with a nice set of dice and they won’t be there because you just had to be an ass.

Now, boys and girls, how do you think THAT feels?