There was no peace in the whole of Dalmatia when the Procurer sent an undead messenger to inform his mistress that her long sought after prize from the desert regions of Arcanum had been stolen. Not only had the last eight years of archaeology in the region of the lost kings necropolis been wasted, but … Continue reading Meelo


The creepily animated man with the bulging, yellowed eyes watched intently as the dock workers tied up the ropes to secure the small caravel in place against the wharf. The vessel had made it to the port of Sarande just as the sun was setting, and now the night sky was filled with twinkling stars … Continue reading VlerĂ«sues

Trouble at Sea

The terrifying warship known all across the Forzarrean Sea as the Soul Razer cut through the sparkling deep blue waters like a flame through butter. It was the center of a crescent formation of warships all under the command of the Dread Admiral, one of the liches of the Diosian Lodge and the loyal vassal … Continue reading Trouble at Sea

Don Durk of Dowdee

Among the many seafaring rogues of the Forzarrean Sea few have the universally admired status of Don Durk of Dowdee. While men such as Captain Sabre use their reputations to strike fear in others in order to force them into submission, Don Durk merrily gallivants about the ocean like a seafaring version of Robin Hood. … Continue reading Don Durk of Dowdee