Infamous Villains: Natasia Krvopija

There is a natural tendency to ascribe the majority of nautical terrors and misfortunes to the deeds of the Dread Admiral. It is this foul lich after all that has made it their lot in undeath to unleash all manner of unholy horrors on the Sea of Vdekja and the Forzarrean Sea. The sheer power of the Dread Admiral to cause such calamitous events as the sinking of entire fleets, the sacking of port cities, and the harnessing of evil underwater races for his own nefarious purposes is reason enough to label the Dread Admiral as the greatest menace in the region. It would be foolhardy to think that this lich was the only problem facing seafarers in the waters around Forkanza.

One of the more terrifying entities that can be found in these seas is the black galleass known as Nocni Andeo. Once the flagship of the Iron Count’s battle fleet it now sails the Sea of Vdekja in an endless journey of mayhem and bloodshed. Appearing only at night, and vanishing with the dawn, it is an omen almost too horrible to contemplate. Rare are the ships that encounter the Nocni Andeo and escape to tell the tale. In fact, never has the black galleass left any survivors if it is able to get close enough to board another ship.

When first launched centuries ago the Nocni Andeo was the most formidable warship that the Iron Count had. Although his nautical ambitions paled in comparison to the Dread Admiral, both liches were on a collision course. The Iron Count has always been a cautious and slow-moving tactician and while he was building his fleet the Dread Admiral arranged to have the naval forces of the Iron Count targeted by the combined forces of San Marco and Volcania. In the Battle of Kotor Bay the Forkanzans were able to corner the Iron Count’s fledgling navy and destroy virtually every ship. The Nocni Andeo was able to slip away, however, and avoided the fight altogether. For this cowardly act the vessel and everyone aboard was cursed by the Iron Count to an undead existence.

The commander of the Nocni Andeo is a woman named Natasia Krvopija, who even in life was a fearsome opponent well known for her barbarity and ruthlessness. Now, however, she is even more scorned. The details of her curse are sketchy at best, and many scholars have speculated as the nature of the enchantment. The ship upon which she sails seems to serve as a prison for Natasia and her crew but how many crew members remain at this point is a mystery. Despite being a galleass there have never been any reports of the ship moving under oar power. This means that the Nocni Andeo only moves under the power of the wind or perhaps some sort of sinister conjurations. In appearance the ship appears black as if charred by fire, with grey bits of ash that blow from it like wafting fog. The sails are black and green, and the flag it flies is the banner of the Iron Count. What control if any the Iron Count has over Natasia and her ship is unknown.