Short Chapters, so you feel like you’ve accomplished something

Fear not, intrepid readers! Not every chapter in this saga is as short as these first two. Granted, I do aim for a “two page” minimum because as novel as it is to have a chapter consist of three words, it doesn’t propel a story so much as flail about trying to make a bold comment about how clever the author is. We’ve already established that I’m not all that clever.

As our tale gets up to full steam, however, the chapters will get longer. There is a lot of story here to tell (I know, you can’t tell that from where you are sitting) and for a majority of readers this entire setting is new. I despise story settings that just jump in and start yammering away, expecting readers to either know volumes of unrevealed background information, or at least be compelled to seek it out like sorting puzzle pieces from box that held three complete pictures all mixed together. I’m not trying to give readers a task to complete. I just want them to get a better night’s sleep. We will gradually get to chapters long enough that you will doze off before finishing them. Patience.