Job Opening: Doppelgangers need not apply

Critics of Slothjemia make a pretty big deal about how inclusive the place is, letting in all of the riff-raff and using their skills and wickedness to attack outsiders. But not everyone is welcome with open arms in the land of the swamp orcs. And some folks are killed on sight because they are viewed as an inherent threat.

Doppelgangers are the most obvious example of people not at all trusted within the realm, and for very good reason. These shape-shifting masters of deception have in the past found a niche in Slothjemia, ironically in law enforcement where they thrive as undercover operatives, but the difficulty of fitting in to Slothjemian culture makes such success rare. More often than not, travelling doppelgangers are closely monitored and escorted quickly to the other side of the country, whereupon they are cordially invited to never return.

Trolls are also ill-treated in the realm, and considering that many trolls are just as native as the swamp orcs in the fens of the Coreland, this is regarded by the trolls as being exceptionally unfair. About the only place trolls have found a place to fit in and thrive is in the military, and they are never promoted beyond the rank of sergeant.

Elves are by far the worst treated in Slothjemia, but this does not apply to all elves. Wild elves, drow elves, and shadow elves are accepted with very few, if any, restrictions. But high elves are another matter. Very few of these noble people ever enter into Slothjemia, and when they do, they should be on their guard. There are a number of people in Slothjemia willing to pay top dollar for elves as food, and a handful of eateries more than happy to serve it. Needless to say, this little tidbit of information is conspicuously absent in Slothjemian Chamber of Commerce brochures.

Other sentient races might encounter difficulties in Slothjemia as well, including many of the underdark peoples and those considered “monstrous” by humans and goblinoids alike. Although it is tough to find something more monstrous than fillet of high elf in a light wine sauce, served with wild rice and sweet butter.

Now I’m hungry.